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There is no greater musical joy in my experience than that of singing. Though I have been blessed to work with several world renown vocalists, venues, and, national television performances; I still love to sing in the humblest of settings; alone in my room, in my car, or in the shower. I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have received throughout years of study, performance, and teaching. Some of the highlights of my performance career include performances with Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Gospel’s Richard Smallwood, world renown ‘Boston Pops’, live national television broadcasts, singing in front of thousands and at times hundreds of thousands in performances.
The human voice is the most ancient and most treasured instrument known. Ironically, the voice is also the most misunderstood.

I have encountered many singers who have had voice instruction (some very expensive), and only came away confused or had very little to show for their time, effort and money. Whatever style you may sing, I anticipate that you will notice a difference in your own voice within a few weeks of study. I will help you to develop good technique, a healthy voice, good pitch, deep breathing, breath control, good posture, a healthy attack and ending of notes, phrasing, dynamics, control of resonance, articulation, and a deeper understanding of how your voice works. Singing is a sport. The more control, flexibility, and stamina, we have in our vocal related muscles, the better we sing. You will be encouraged to both vocalize properly as well as build a repertoire. Furthermore, I hope to show you that the healthier you are, the better you will sing.

I have studied the vocal techniques of Re Koster, Mike Campbell, Mark Baxter, Seth Riggs, Bob Stoloff, Graham Hewitt, and Larra Browning Henderson, as well as a plethora of personal friends, colleges, and family members who are renown in music. Many of these people have instructed and coached some of the best in the business. I am forever grateful of the opportunity to learn from such great examples.

If you simply sing for your personal enjoyment, or aspire to a choir, band, karaoke, or a professional career, I encourage you to call for a chat about taking lessons.
"A student is never too old, too young, ​too good, or too bad, to improve."
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