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Whether you are just begining or you want to improve your existing skills, the guitar can be most rewarding to the diligent student. Being a portable instrument, the guitar is both versatile and personal to it's owner. You can learn to play guitar for your own pleasure or entertain your friends, and through dedication and practice, you may be surprized where it can take you.
I have been teaching guitar students , both young and old for over ten years. It is a delight to accept beginners of all ages on acoustic, electric, Bass, or twelve string guitars.

Once again, each person is unique. A great teacher must therefore adjust to the individual needs of his student. Music students are empowered with the language of music; Reading and Writing. Physical training through technical drills can be helpful in developing mastery of your instrument.

Dexterity, coordination, and rhythm are elements that are nurtured through proper technique. Furthermore, music theory is studied by the more advanced player for a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of music.

I particularly enjoy the art of composition, songwriting, and arranging.

There are so many exiting directions available to a guitarist whether it be rhythm playing with simple chords, flat picking, finger picking, soloing, classical method, rock, jazz, blues, folk, country, alternative open tunings, slide guitar, electric guitar effects, or using distortion an overdrive effectively. Students may be interested in accompanying singing, jamming with a friend, playing in a band, or simply playing for fun. Though there are many different options of study, Patience and persistence are key tools necessary in reaching our goals in class as well as in life.
As you can see, there are countless ways to approach your guitar. Your guitar can become one of your best friends. It is an instrument that has been pleasing both players and audiences for many years. I consider it an honor to receive a new student. Thank you for your consideration.
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